electric car charging station

Electric car charging station for Tesla and Electric Cars

At the Swantown Inn & Spa, in Olympia Washington, we like to think we move with the times. We try to keep up with the latest technology, while respecting the historic nature of our property. The latest change we have made is to upgrade our electric supply and in turn add a Electric Vehicle Charging Station.  This station has one Tesla specific charger and one universal charger.

Charging Station for Overnight and Spa guests

We offer this added amenity to primarily our overnight guests, however if you are here during the day for a spa service, then you can also plug-in your electric car. This is a free value add amenity.

Tesla provided the Charging Stations!

Our Tesla specific charger

Our Tesla specific charger

In a very generous move, Tesla provided us with the stations, as part of their Destination Charging Program. We had the expense of upgrading our electrical service, which we needed to do for our planned expansion anyway. We also dug the trench for the wiring. Tesla graciously paid for the electrical work to hook up the electric charging stations. They even allowed us to use a local electrician, which was a nice move to support local small business!

EV Vehicles Supported

We can support most electric vehicle makes and models.  Tesla’s for sure, and any vehicle that accepts the universal charger.

Makes and models include;

  • All Tesla Models
  • Nissan Leaf
  • Toyota Prius EV
  • Chevy Volt
  • Hyundai Sonota

Even the Innkeepers had an Electric Vehicle

Universal Charger

Universal Charger for most Electric Cars

Up until recently we owned a Prius EV, that allowed you to plug-in and travel on EV in ideal conditions. We traded ours in as we have a growing family. We need a little more cargo space and went with a Prius V. However our plan when the lease on the Prius is up is to swap to a Chevy Volt. We have to wait however until the 2017 Chevy Volt comes out as it allows for 5 passengers whereas the 2016 does not. It does not do much good if you cannot fit the whole family in the car!