Author: Nathan Allan

  • Eastside Olympia Weather

    Eastside Olympia Weather

    Have you ever wondered what the weather is like at the Swantown Inn & Spa? Well worry no more as we have a new weather station up and running. Nathan is a tech geek and for Christmas Casey and the kids got him a new weather station.  He had had one in our early years…

  • Olympia Beekeepers

    Olympia Beekeepers

    Olympia can be what we like to call, “crunchy granola”.  In touch with nature, mother earth. A little bit of that was always in us, but living here has made us explore that even more. One of the ways we connect with nature is our extensive vegetable gardens. we love growing food for ourselves and…

  • EV Charging Stations for Overnight Guests

    EV Charging Stations for Overnight Guests

    At the Swantown Inn & Spa, in Olympia Washington, we like to think we move with the times. We try to keep up with the latest technology, while respecting the historic nature of our property. In 2016 we made an upgrade to our electric supply and in turn added an Electric Vehicle Charging Station.  This…

  • Olympia Government Per Diem accepted by B&B

    Olympia Government Per Diem accepted by B&B

    Most government workers do not immediately think of a Bed and Breakfast when looking for a hotel, motel or lodging. However quite a few do! Ours, the Swantown Inn & Spa, happily accepts the Olympia Government Per Diem, for both lodging and breakfast. Olympia Government Per Diem Facts There are just a few of stipulations to…

  • New Web site

    New Web site

    After a good couple of years of using a third party to host our web site we have decided to take it back in house. In doing so we have re-branded the Inn and Spa as one, Swantown Inn & Spa. One place to go for everything that happens on the property. We still run…