Updated for changes on August 23rd 2021.

We are extremely happy to be able to take guests in all of the Inn again as we enter Phase 3 of our states Pandemic Response Plan. Safety for both you, your fellow guests and our family is paramount moving forward. If you feel you can not comply with these safety measures, unfortunately we are not able to accept your reservation.

It is much easier for our guests to comply if everyone is vaccinated. Consider renting our Puget Suite if you are not vaccinated, at our Vacation rental rate. That way you do need to interact with other guests or us.

There is currently a mask mandate for all people indoors regardless of vaccination status.

The latest modifications to the phased plan can be found here: https://www.coronavirus.wa.gov/

Because the safety of ourselves, family and guests is of utmost priority there are some changes that we have had to implement to meet the requirements for reopening.

First:  State rules mean unvaccinated and vaccinated guests need to wear masks when not eating or in their guest room.

Second:  The spa is open, by appointment,  our therapists feel comfortable providing services in accordance with guidelines / guidance from the AMTA. Past guests may want to read how the spa now operates differently.

Third:  Your innkeepers (Nathan & Casey) cannot interact in the same way with the same services as we had previously.   We are required to wear masks when interacting with guests (only when we have unvaccinated guests in the Inn) as well as maintain the 6ft distance (only when we have unvaccinated guests in the Inn) .  In order to maintain a distance and cross contamination the cookie jar in the parlor has been removed and we aren’t able to assist you with your luggage.  The extra blankets and pillow have been removed from the guest rooms.  Also once you occupy your room, we will not be entering until after you check out.  If during your stay you need anything (extra blankets, pillows, new towels, toilet paper, etc) we can give you a trash bag to put the dirty items in and you can place them outside your room, we will then use a clean bag and put the fresh clean items in. Also breakfast will either have to be at separate tables or staggered so we can disinfect the dining area between guests.

Cleaning:  To ensure our guest and common rooms are disinfected we will be cleaning all common area frequently touched surfaces (door handles, light switches, bannisters, etc) several times a day.  In the guest rooms, any soft goods that can be removed from the room (pillows, curtains, blankets, etc) are either fully washed or steam sanitized between guests.  Also any soft goods that can not be removed and laundered (upholstered chairs, rugs, blinds) will be steamed in place.  All hard surfaces will be disinfected with a hospital grade alcohol based disinfectant.



In order to comply with Contract Tracing mandate we will need to collect contact information for anyone who enters the inn.  This includes guests for weddings.  We need to collect Names, Phone number and Email for everyone, and store this information for 30 days at which time it will be destroyed.