Close the heart of Olympia, tucked away on the third floor of our Victorian bed & breakfast, this calming refuge is worlds away from everyday life. This is no ordinary appointment, this is a day to recharge your life with relaxing soaks, luxurious massage treatments, and food that will indulge your senses. Take time for yourself, unwind, and make yourself at home.

Guests must show proof of vaccination.

By appointment only.

Call for availability 360.753.9123

Bespoke Massage Experience

Our advanced treatment designed exclusively for Swantown Inn & Spa begins and ends with you. 

The house therapist works with you to target your areas of tension, using clinical techniques with various levels of pressure, gradually melting into the deeper layers of the muscles, activating the slow release of energy and blood flow through the tissue.

This is the relaxation you need.

What to Expect

Your Time in the SPA is all yours

• Tea service and foot soak