Let us help you get comfortable!  Pregnancy massage is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to take care of yourself during pregnancy.  Our experienced therapists can help you reap the benefits of much needed rest and pain relief and help your pregnancy to be a joy.  Relaxation and stress reduction are important pieces of prenatal wellness.  They are key in lowering your heart rate and blood pressure and lessened nausea and vomiting.  Prenatal massage also increases oxygen and nutrients to mother and fetus which means mom has more energy and fetus receives better nourishment.  Massage increases circulation, helping prevent illness and reduces swelling and varicose veins.  Massage can help you become more aware of your body in space so you are less prone to injury, protecting you and your baby.  Another major benefit is reducing musculoskeletal strain and pain, especially in your back and pelvis.  By relieving your weight bearing joints and muscles we can help prepare your body for labor and become more comfortable today.

This type of massage is great idea for a baby shower gift.

To perform a proper Prenatal Massage we require a minimum of a 90 minute session, due to special positioning and other considerations.

90 minutes – $179.00 (also available in a series of 5 massages for $490  when you prepay, which can also be applies to Postpartum Massage) (Gratuity Included)

Overnight Guests

If you are staying the night at the Swantown Inn & Spa, where we are located, you automatically receive a credit on day spa services.  Note that you must book the service in advance to be sure of service availability.

Important things to know before you come for your pregnancy massage:

Most women can receive massage throughout their pregnancy. Many women consider massage as an important part of their health plan during their pregnancy as well as being enjoyable. For women with more complex or high risk pregnancies we will need to you talk to your doctor and fill out a form before coming in.

Although every woman is different, we recommend once a month during the first trimester, and twice a month in the second and third trimester. If you are having a lot of back pain, sharp and hip pains or sleeplessness you may want to increase your sessions to an hour and a half and come in once a week in the last trimester.