Group Getaway at the Swantown Inn & Spa

Relax for the Weekend at our Inn & Spa

Looking for somewhere to go with a group of friends? A group getaway that is fun, relaxing and easy to plan? We have the perfect group getaway for you!

Our Bed and Breakfast has an on-site spa that is staffed by some of the best massage therapists in Olympia, if not the whole state of Washington! So to start with you get your rooms for two nights. Then you get your “spa day”, where you your friends spend the day filtering as couples through the spa.

Your Group Getaway Itinerary

Day of Check-in

  • Arrive and check-in (typically some time between 4pm and 6pm, with other times by arrangement)
  • We get you settled in to your rooms.
  • We recommend great restaurants, pubs or food carts (depending on what you all feel like), a short walk downtown.
  • Planning on drinking? You can either walk downtown or if prearranged we can take you in the Inn van.
  • Arrive back at the Inn whenever you like for a relaxing nights slumber in one of our luxurious king size beds.

Spa Day

  • Sleep in!
  • Breakfast served for everyone at 9am. Three courses. Quality coffee and tea.
  • At 10am the first couple/pair are taken to the spa for their two hour Signature Massage.
  • Next couple at 12pm.
  • Around 1:30 to 2:30pm we can serve you lunch.
  • Next couple at 2pm.
  • Final couple at 4pm, finished by 6pm.
  • Then you are off to another great dinner downtown!

Day of Check-out

  • Breakfast at 9am. If the breakfast was sweet yesterday it will be savory today, or vice versa!
  • Check-out at 11am.

Easy to plan Group Getaway

No one likes the stress of planning a getaway, let alone a getaway for a group of friends. That is why the we, the Swantown Inn & Spa, make it super easy for you to plan and book. All you need to do is get everyone on board for the dates of your groups getaway!

We block the rooms at the inn, and schedule the Day Spa for the entire day.

We recommend great dining experiences for your group. The recommendations are tailored to your hunger and cuisine desires! For casual, we love the Fish Tale Brew Pub. For finer dining Gardner’s Seafood and Pasta.

Group Getaway Package Pricing

For four couples, or eight people;

This offering is $1,999 (plus tax).

Only two couples in your group? We can modify the package to include;

This offering is from $1,100 (plus tax).

Of course if there are less couples, the pricing changes. Just contact us and we can work out the specifics for you.