Author: Nathan Allan

  • South Sound Block Party 2023 – Olympia Music Festival

    South Sound Block Party 2023 – Olympia Music Festival

    We asked one of our Baristas, Kyleena Rauser, to write a piece on the South Sound Block Party. She attended last year (we were too busy with the Inn, the curse of the Innkeeper in summer). Hopefully this inspires you to come and stay two to three nights at the Inn for this years event!…

  • Buttermilk Rhubarb Coffee Cake

    Buttermilk Rhubarb Coffee Cake

    What a delicious way to use fresh Rhubarb.  The tartness from the rhubarb and the additional tang from the buttermilk really shine and make a treat with your morning coffee.

  • Lilac Syrup

    Lilac Syrup

    This was a first for me.  But it turned out lovely, has great floral notes, but not overpowering and the color is so pretty.

  • Mixed Berry Olive Oil Muffins

    Mixed Berry Olive Oil Muffins

    A similar recipe came across my Facebook feed and of course I had to try it and make it my own.  Around the same time I also saw a Facebook Reel that gave tips on how to get those beautifully domed muffins.  So I decided to test the recipe and the tips simultaneously.  The tips…

  • Olympia Restaurant Quick Guide

    Olympia Restaurant Quick Guide

    This guide is our tried and true places to eat, that rarely fail to impress. If you want a specific recommendation for a particular style of food please ask us. We support locally owned restaurants.  Chains are great, but shopping and dining local has soul and substance. Casual Dining, but great! Casa Mia : 716…