Swantown Inn Bed & Breakfast
1431 11th Avenue Southeast
Olympia, Washington, WA 98501, United States
+1 360 7539123

Are you considering our Living Social Escape?

If you purchased or are considering our Living Social Escape, let us make life a little easier on you, us and our telephones! We have done this before you see, and can answer 90% of questions in a few short paragraphs. Here are some of the most common.

Question: “When do you have availablility?”

Answer: We maintain online availability on our web site, which is the same thing we look at if you call us on the phone. Do keep in mind rooms book very quickly during these offers. Check our availability if you want specific dates.

Question: “Can I bring my pet?”

Answer: No. Sorry but our place is not designed for pets (other than our own dog who lives in our private area and outside). We do get guests who are severely allergic so we just cannot accommodate pets in the Inn.

Question: “Do you accept children?”

Answer: We accept children 12 and older, no exceptions. Anyway, did you read what the package includes? A deluxe couples massage is featured. This is supposed to be a romantic getaway for two! Get grandma to look after the kids and treat yourself to a little luxury.

Question: “What is there to do in Olympia?”

Answer: There is a lot more to do in Olympia than you can fit in to two days. Highlights include our Farmers Market, restaurants, The State Capital Campus, and outdoor activities. See our post “20 things to do in Olympia” for more ideas.

Question: “Is there parking?”

Answer: We have off street parking for every guest room.


Question: “Are you close to downtown?”

Answer: Yes! We love living so close to downtown, our guests often walk to dinner, the theater, market and the like. We even have great walking maps to give you an idea of how close everything is.

Question: “Can I reserve a room using my Living Social Escape Voucher online?”

Answer: Yes! Just put the voucher number in to the notes section. We still require a credit card to secure your reservation, and to cover the tax portion that we are required to collect. Just visit our reservations page to get started. If you do not have your voucher number yet you can still reserve, just call us with the number when you have it.


Question: “Can I purchase a voucher for a gift?”

Answer: Definitely! However we advise you to do so only if you know the intended recipient enjoys Bed and Breakfasts and Pampering Massage. Also they have to realize that they may need to be flexible on their dates.

Question: “Can I upgrade my room or add on more nights?”

Answer: You can upgrade to the Astoria room for $100. You can extend your stay and are offered a discounted rate of $100 for each additional night when you do so. A deal that could help you turn a short break in to a vacation! Just book the additional nights when you book your stay.

Question: “When does the voucher expire?”

Answer: It expires on November 15th, 2012.

Question: “When do I have to book by?”

Answer: Must book by August 15th, 2012, but you can stay any time (subject to availability) until November 15th, 2012 using this voucher.


Question: “How do I book the Deluxe Couples Massage in the day spa?"

Answer: We have slots at 10am, 12:30pm and 3pm. We will let you choose subject to availability.


Question: "I saw overnight guests get 20% off spa services do we get that as well as the discount?”

Answer: As you have already received a discount when you purchased the package through Groupon you don’t get the 20% off the deluxe couples massage, keep in mind the regular price is $398, so it is already heavily discounted. If you want to really take advantage of our on site spa, any additional services you book will receive the 20% discount.

Do you still have questions?

If you still have questions please fell free to give us a call, at 360.753.9123. Please realize during the time the promotion runs we will be manning the phones constantly, but we only have 2 incoming lines. Please leave a massage if you do not get a live person!

You can also email us questions at yourhosts@swantowninn.com

We want you to have a memorable and relaxing stay with us!