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Frequently Asked Questions

||Frequently Asked Questions

You can buy and Gift Certificate 24/7 online via our secure web site. It will issues you a certificate that you can print and present to the recipient.

Gift Certificates are redeemable at the Inn & Day Spa.

Vegetarian? Vegan? Gluten Free? Diabetic? Food Allergies? We’ve encountered nearly every allergy or dietary restriction there is in our years here, and the only occasion we found that we weren’t able to accommodate their needs was a guest who was strict kosher as we don’t maintain a kosher kitchen.

We alternate between sweet and savory breakfasts, and strive to not serve the same dish twice to a guest during their stay. Our longest successful record of this was 18 days.

Our typical breakfast is three courses.

The first course is fresh baked scones, coffee/tea/cocoa, and orange juice.

The second course is our fruit course. We specialize in homemade season sorbets.

The third and main course vary from our signature Decadent French Toast, Souffles, Puffed Pear Pancakes with Caramel Sauce, Italian Parmesan Eggs, and so many more recipes. Some of our recipes are available online at Innspired Cooking.

Monday to Friday breakfast is served between 8am and 9am, which means we start serving as early as 8am or as late as 9am.

On Saturday, Sundays and holidays we serve breakfast at 9am.

If you need breakfast earlier, depending on how early, we can arrange an early breakfast or a to-go breakfast.

Check-outs later than 11am are charges a late check-out fee of $100.

However you can prearrange a late check-out of 2pm for $50.

Check out is at 11am.

Our normal check in is between 4pm – 6pm.

Earlier and later check ins are possible by prior arrangement.

Outside of regular check-in times you must call us to confirm your arrival time. this way we can assure you that we will be here to greet you.

Just a couple of exits north on I5, the College Street exit takes you right to the entrance of the college.

Evergreen University (Evergreen State College)  would be a long walk up hill from here, I would tempt it on a bike, but not on foot. By car it is about 10 – 15 minutes. It is literally three exits up Highway 101 from the Inn.

Percival Landing is about 5 minutes by car, about 20 – 30 minutes on foot.

The Olympia Farmers Market is about 5 minutes by car, about 30 minutes on foot.

Again about 2 – 5 minutes depending on where you are going downtown and the lights you hit. On Foot, about 15 – 30 minutes.

It is about a mile as the crow flies, it takes about 3 minutes via car (depending on lights) and about 20 minutes by foot. If walking turn left on Eastside St and just before the bridge over the freeway is a bike trail, it goes along the freeway and ends just short of the capitol campus, much quicker and more direct. The capitol is open every day, except Christmas and New Years and they give free tours from 11am to 3pm.

The Olympia/Lacey Train Station is in rural Lacey, really in the middle of nowhere. By car it takes about 20 minutes.

There is a bus route that goes between downtown and the station that has a stop at Central and Union. It is Route 64. The Intercity Transit web site is

The train station does have a building, and covered waiting area, but I don’t know if the building is always manned or not, it may be locked. it is staffed entirely by very friendly volunteers.

If available we are happy to drop you off or pick you up from the Train Station. this must be arranged prior to the date of your arrival.

Union and Central (one block). Route 64.

Or for more options, you could walk downtown to the Transit Center.

None of our rooms have a TV. Once upon a time we had a TV in one of the rooms, but we got more requests (usually from wives) to remove it, so we did, permanently.

We do have a TV in the lounge. It is rarely used and has a DVD player connected to it as well.

We also have great WiFi, that will allow you to stream to your own portable devices, in the guest rooms.

We don’t pretend we are perfect. The house is 125+ years old. It as well as most people have issues, but we offer top of the line king size eurotop mattresses, amazing sheets, and genuine Turkish cotton towels as well as cozy microfiber robes. In the winter the beds are topped with feather comforters as well as decorative comforters and in the summer a light blanket. Every room is stocked with real glass water glasses and wine glasses with a bottle opener. They all feature a touch of history and bygone elegance with modern conveniences. We like our rooms, and hope you will too.

The best room is the one you like! All of our rooms are a little different and have something to offer depending on what you are looking for. Our largest room is our Astoria room and is the only one featuring a jetted tub. The room with the best view is our Deschutes room. The room with the most antique character is our Columbia room with the original clawfoot tub with drenching rain shower. The room with the most morning light is our Percival room, it is also the only room on the East side of the house. They all feature king size beds and private bathrooms, so it really does come down to what you are looking for.