Month: March 2016

Volunteer Garden Helpers

We posted recently on our Swantown Inn & Spa Facebook page that we would love some help with some of our garden maintenance. We were overwhelmed by the support from guests and friends.  The offer was to help us pull blackberry and ivy and in return stay the night at the Inn. We would even provide a meal during the day.  We decided we should flesh the idea out a little more and formalize it somewhat. We want this to be a win/win situation for everyone involved. So here are the facts; We need help with our gardens. We cannot afford to pay someone to help. We have limited time to “knock out” the projects that need doing. We do have empty rooms during the week that we could offer as trade. What we really need done; Project One: Blackberry Slash and Bash. Spring has sprung, Blackberries are bolting. We have hacked most down, but we still need to dig out root balls and dispose of the pile. Project Two: Ivy Removal. The amount of ivy on the property is a problem. Predominately in two areas we want to rip it all out and remove it completely. We would focus on one area at a time. The trade; For your hard work and effort we would trade a room night at the Inn. We envisage the help happening between 10am and...

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Being Green or Environmentally Friendly

[fusion_text]The Swantown Inn & Spa is our business, it is also our home. That is why it was easy for us to apply for and be certified by TripAdvisor as a “Green Leader”. We do not use harsh chemicals or herbicides unless required by code. We make our own laundry powder for washing, and even a stain remover. We also make a air freshener, that technically is safe to drink, but I do not know why you would want such peppermint breathe! In the garden we use no chemicals whatsoever. We are beekeepers and want to keep the ladies happy! Round-up is evil. It messes with bees “radar”. It may be more work but pulling weeds by hand is a great workout! Back in the guestrooms we encourage towel reuse, but will also happily give you new ones on request. We run a high efficiency washer and dryer, however that still is the biggest energy and resource user in the Inn.   The guestrooms have individual heat control, and we maintain the temperature so that it is lower and more comfortable to sleep at night. Again if you need it hot you can crank up the heat. That level we find is different depending on where you are from! Californians in general think under 70 degrees is cold, whereas Canadians think 65 degrees is a heat wave. Generally we...

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Decadent French Toast

Decadent French Toast is one of the signature breakfasts for us here at the Swantown Inn & Spa. Over the past decade it has been prepared literally thousands of times. It falls in to our sweet category of breakfast dishes. We also can do a gluten-free and dairy-free version of this dish. 5 from 1 vote Print Decadent French Toast Decadent French Toast with Orange Marionberry Syrup Course Breakfast Prep Time 20 minutes Total Time 20 minutes Servings 2 people Ingredients French Toast 2 Croissants 2 ounces Cream Cheese 2 Tbsp Marionberry Jam Batter 1 Eggs 1/3 Cup Half...

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Group Getaway | Bed & Breakfast and Massages

Looking for somewhere to go with a group of friends? A group getaway that is fun, relaxing and easy to plan? We have the perfect group getaway for you! Our Bed and Breakfast has an on-site spa that is staffed by some of the best massage therapists in Olympia, if not the whole state of Washington! So to start with you get your rooms for two nights. Then you get your “spa day”, where you your friends spend the day filtering as couples through the spa. Your Group Getaway Itinerary Day of Check-in Arrive and check-in (typically some time...

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Eastside Olympia Weather

Have you ever wondered what the weather is like at the Swantown Inn & Spa? Well worry no more as we have a new weather station up and running. Nathan is a tech geek and for Christmas Casey and the kids got him a new weather station.  He had had one in our early years at the Inn, however after a gardening accident some of the wires to the solar powered panels were cut. With this new unit we have it situated in the vegetable garden. Hopefully this will let us know important information that will help us achieve...

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